Wednesday, October 21, 2009


For some, anime is a way of life, for others, simply entertainment. Others argue it is an excuse not to read a book. To them I say, manga are hardly books. Don't get me wrong, i'm an avid reader of both, but don't come arguing to me that a bunch of pictues bound together is a manga.

So here's my take on anime, it's not just a cartoon, it's a form of art. And those who demote it with such a name as cartoon clearly don't understand how much work and artistic skilll go into creating an anime. They are beautiful, and if i could draw half so well, I wouldn't be sitting in this desk chair right now questioning my own sanity.

The hardest part though, is if an anime is based off a previously created manga. Then, there is the challenge of keeping to the original story, while still filling the entertainment need of others. But most do well.

If you really want to read my take on an specific anime, don't hesitate to let me know. I've seen so many series out there, i've probably at least heard of the one you might want. And if i haven't seen it myself, i'm sure i'll find a way to.

This is my take, now make your own!

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