Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The elite, we all want to be one of them whether we freely admit it or not. Even if you are one of those free-thinkers that no one understands because you like it that way and you spend your days traveling with a unique crowd, there is still a secret part of you that wants to be a part of the social and intellectual elite.

There are those, oftentimes in a high school environment, who seem to think that they ARE the elite, and so they act as such, gaining followers and a snobby attitude in the process. But the thing is, they are not the elite. Are they royal? Are they socialially recognized as superior by anyone other than their friends and oh-so-brainless followers? Of course not. Because, in truth, they are nothing but sniveling ignoramuses.

It is these wannabe elitists that I absolutely can NOT stand. Those that put others down because they got the silly notion into their heads that they are better than everyone else. Those that will only associate with others they feel are at the same level, or kiss up to those supposedly better than them.

My newest frustration when it comes to this topic, is the theater. Where the elitism has become such a strong aspect of the actions there that it's enough to make any sane person (and I sometimes tend to classify myself with such people) sick. Where actors who for the first time have gotten a lead, or a least a decent, role, are whisked into the clutches of those actors who feel themselves in the top flakes of the upper crust. The new actors, as impressionable as there are, suddenly find themselves in a new social world, and easily look down on the rest of us for fear of losing what they've gained. But something they never notice (that everyone else can, I assure you) is that they are not the elite, and acting as such will only cause them to push away those that care about them. Well when the curtain comes crashing down as there's no one left to come sniveling back to, it's their loss.

And then there's the supposed "top flakes" the one that yes I admit, have some talent, but waste it. They have the gall to talk down to their fellow thespians when only last year, they were in our place! If they can not even appreciate the journey it took to get where they are, then their success was surely in vain.

So, my take on elitists? They are worthless, vile creatures that waste their time putting others down and kissing ass to gain more of what they already don't have. Our world would be much more better off without them. This isn't the 16th century after all. There's this new power wave going around that's much more effective. It's called democracy.

This is my take, now go and make you own!

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