Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gay Vampires

Ok, so this take is for a good friend of mine who apparently really wants to know what I think of gay vampires. I'm at odds as to why THEY even have a take on gay vampires.

Vampires were once, in days long since past, viewed as creatures of legend. They were mythical beings that striked fear into the hearts of everyone. I'm sure Dracula helped to ease those fears alot . . . not. There were dangerous villians of the night, who came out to suck the blood dry of innocent and beautiful women. They feared silver, were repulsed by garlic, and couldn't stand the sunlight.

But these days, our world, especially our teens, take a much more different view on these vampires. If you go into a Borders, almost every single book in the young adult section is about vampires. There are multiple vampire TV shows, and countless vampire-oriented anime and manga. But none of them seem to have any effect other than to make teen girls all over the world squeal. Sexy vampires babes, the new sensation.

Now here comes the ringer, someone got it into their mind to introduce a whole new kind of vampire into the world, the gay vampire. Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing in the world against gys and would gladly fight for their rights anyday, but that is beside the point. Who in their right mind is going to fear a gay vampire? (Other than a homophobe?) I have never met a gay man that has any wish to become overly violent and scary, and I just don't know how it works.

There are several gay vampire characters in books and manga these days including (but not limited to): Damien and Jack of the House of Night series, the manga Until the Full Moon, and some even go so far as to argue that Edward Cullen is a gay vampire. (I don't know if this is because the don't like him or they just think he's queer, but that's for a whole nother Take.)

Does that mean males are the new generation of vampire prey? I personally don't know.

As funny as I think they might be, my take on this is that gay vampires are pointless, and are clearly nothing more than a spat of boredom from the mind of some guy sitting in the basement of his mother's house having never been on a date with a pretty girl. The original vampires of legend were scary, and fun to hear about, and I want them back.

Seriously, if gay vampires don't run around all day and night terrorizing innocent people and sucking handsome men dry, what the hell do the do ith themselves? They have no choice but to become average members of society. And that, is no fun at all.

This is my take, now go and make your own!


  1. 1) since when do vampires fear silver...? isn't that werewolves?
    2)And by Darien and Jack from Vampire Academy (which I haven't read) do you mean DAMIEN and Jack from House of Night???
    3)Main source of gay vampires=Anne Rice who is like THE vampire guru >.>

  2. actually, it was once said that vampires did fear silver. vamipire hunters were said to nail a vampire's coffin shut with silver nails in order to keep them from escaping.

  3. I want proof!!!
    BTW this is Ari ^-^

  4. if you knew as much about vampires as you say you do, this should not be a new development . . .